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Welcome to the Dog Directory.

We are the provider of information on all services relating to dogs. We understand that it can be difficult finding the very best of services in your area. This directory aims to collect all the best dog-related establishments and services of all kinds. After compiling them all in one place, it results in easy and swift locating of the right place for you.

Every service at your disposal

It is estimated that dogs have been by humankind’s side for over 32,000 years, so you could rightly say that dogs have evolved right alongside us. With such a long expanse of time we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of our dog’s various needs. It has been necessary to develop a range of various services to properly care for them. These include but not limited to grooming, walking, dog training, dietary, and medical requirements.

For example there are countless breeds, all different from the next. These breeds have defining attributes in size, coat type, temperament, physiology, and much more. As such they of course have diverse requirements, with varying degrees of significance. A big fluffy dog needs regular grooming, a little scrappy dog might need clothing to keep warm, an energetic dog would need more exercise and a spirited dog needs obedience training.

Change your dog's life today for the better

Taking your dog to dog training is going to improve your relationship with your furry companion as it will understand your wishes and work to please you. ‘Problem dogs’ can transform into the perfect dog. While some breeds or individuals ‘problems’ with the dog’s temperament and mood are usually down to the environment and conditions they are raised in. By going with a well-established and reputable training centre you can ensure that your dog is treated with the best training methods and highly successful handling techniques.

Do you provide quality dog services?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Dog Directory can provide a free business listing on our fast growing Dog services directory. Our aim for this is to collect and compile the greatest dog related businesses of all kinds and varieties and make it easy to find and access for the dog owner.

If you are a representative of an appropriate business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and enjoy a free place on our premium platform. This will make it much easier for your business to be found online. The Dog Directory is ready to provide your company with the exposure it needs.

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