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How to choose which Dog Kennels to put your pooch

Every year millions of dog-owners need to find their canine compadre some suitable vacation accommodation.

The best kennels can be fully booked up during holiday periods, so it’s important you make a reservation as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

It’s recommended that you contact more than just one kennel, and be prepared with a list of questions. After this, you should visit the best candidate’s kennel in person and check it out yourself. By doing this, you are afforded with the opportunity to see the kennel with your own eyes, and you can personally see what kind of conditions the dogs are being housed in.

Quality is key

Ensure that the kennels is a reputable establishment, a long running kennel with experienced owners and staff is more likely to give you a quality and caring experience than a new, cheaply run operation.

A kennel is so much more than a business to make money. A kennel would serve as your beloved dog’s home for varying lengths of time. It’s vital that you ensure your hound is sent to somewhere where he will flourish and lead a pleasant life for a few days.

The internet is a fabulous tool, you should be able to find reviews of the kennel in question online, with past customers provided with a platform to express their opinion on the way their dog was treated – and how he was behaving afterwards.

Your dog's wellbeing

Many dogs can suffer from boarding kennel anxiety – kennels are a strange place for canines who are much to use to living in the same place in your home. While this may be inevitable depending on your dog, a well-run kennel is going to give your dog a better experience.

Remember, your dog won’t just be waiting around for you to get back from your holidays. Your dog will be living its life, and so require proper exercise, care and attention.

Kennel selection checklist

If you aren’t sure on what kind of questions you should be asking, or what things you should be looking out for in a quality kennel, we’ve prepared a list of things to look out for, and to take under consideration when selecting a kennel.

  • Are the staff welcoming considerate and practised?
  • Is the accommodation protected, safe and in a good condition?
  • Have they asked for on paper info about your dog?
  • Do they have a vet on call?
  • Can they adhere to your specified dates?
  • Is there satisfactory aeriation, light and space heating?
  • If you have multiple dogs, are they allowed to stay together?
  • Are they properly licensed?
  • Do they ensure all dogs staying are vaccinated?
  • Can they deal with any requirements your dog may have?
  • Are the dogs given the proper amount of exercise?

With this guide, we hope you can properly utilise our directory here at The Dog Directory and find the right kennel for you are your dog. If you take your selection carefully, there’s a good chance that your dog will have the best accommodation it could possibly 

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