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Selecting the right dog groomer.

Choosing a reputable dog groomer can make all the difference

Dogs need care, if left ungroomed can become incredibly hairy and dirty. There are countless varieties of breeds of dogs, all with different requirements and needs. For example; long haired pooches require more grooming and coat care, other dogs may need hair trimmed short to maintain their proper appearance.

If a dog’s coat isn’t properly cared for it can lead to problems. For example, a dog living in a hot climate will require their fur regularly trimmed short – or else the dog would be constantly uncomfortable and possibly overheat. Conversely in a colder climate a thick coat may be preferred – but claws will still need to be maintained.

To choose the right dog groomer for you, you need to make sure that your precious pooch is being properly dealt with.

You may end up with a trim that you are not satisfied with – it could be messy, uneven, too short, or too long. What’s worse is that because the groomer will be dealing with clippers and blades, it’s possible – though unlikely – that they might injure your pooch if the job is rushed.

Obviously your dog is of paramount importance, and as such needs the best care and safety available.

It’s not the best idea to skimp on dog care, a lot of the time you get what you pay for. However make sure that you are getting good value for money, look at prices and compare it with quality of treatment and customer satisfaction before making a decision.

Some dogs don’t like to travel much (while it's true that more exposure to the car will result in being more used to longer journeys), you should take into account convenience and distance as it will be easier to pick up your dog and drop off, but don’t sacrifice quality of service with another, superior kennel

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