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Dogs: Man

"Dogs are Man’s Best Friend" is a well-known phrase about our connection with our canine companions. But where did this phrase come from, and why do we say it? Well it stems back thousands of years down our very evolution. Beginning with the evolution of wolves into dogs, it is likely that wolves and humans worked together hunting game. A relationship of symbiosis was developed where dogs used their senses to track game and humans used their superior intellect to kill the prey.

Evolving together

So, dogs would lead man to hunt the prey and humans would then leave some meat for the wolves. This working relationship gradually evolved into a system like what we must do. Some say wolves evolved naturally into dogs, others say that humans would have taken wolf pups and reared them as pets. This led to dogs being found all throughout history in stories.

In ancient Greece

In Homer’s Odyssey, upon Odysseus’ return to his home, none of his friends or family would recognise him, only his faithful hound Argos retained the memory.

In Budhist mythology

In Buddhist mythology, the Pandavas would make one final pilgrimage to the Himalayas, accompanied by a dog. An individual by the name Yudhishthira was the only one who could reach the peak of the mountain in his mortal form, because it is said that he was pure of heart. However, upon reaching the peak, the deity Indra said that if he wanted to pass into the heavens then he must leave behind his faithful hound, as he has been so loyal. It was then revealed that this hound was in fact a reincarnated uncle Dharma symbolising the belief that dharma follows you all the way to the end.


The faithful dog - why should I strive
To speak his merits, while they live
In every breast, and man's best friend
Does often at his heels attend.

The New-York Literary Journal, Volume 4, 1821:

The first known utterance of the phase was put forward by the king of Prussia, who stated that his trusty greyhound was his best friend.

However, as far back as 1764, Voltaire had written; ‘DOG. —- It seems that nature has given the dog to man for his defence and for his pleasure. Of all the animals, it is the most faithful: it is the best friend man can have.’

If you give a dog the time it deserves, it will be a good friend to you. However, you need to make sure that it knows where it stands from an early age, we recommend that you take your dog to dog training.


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