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Dog Training That Focuses On You As Well



When you have a problematic dog, dog training is usually the best way around the issue. But when you consider the multiple types of dog training academies, schools, and even independent dog trainers out there, each with different methods and different ways to get the very best out of your house, how do you make a decision when it comes to choosing the right dog training school for you?

For many people, the methods that each dog training school use are absolutely paramount. Many are turned off by the thought of cruel shock collars, intimidation and tactics which are intended to terrify the dog into submission. Rightly so – cruelty to an animal, even for a purpose, is completely wrong. Plus, the gains from awful methods such as these simply don’t exist. If a dog learns to behave a certain way when he or she is terrified, the dog certainly isn’t going to behave that way when he or she is comfortable.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many dog trainers which use clickers, lures, treats and other gimmicks – all in the name of getting results. Dog owners should be wary of trainers like these. Lures and clickers are distracting – and your dog won’t respond well as he or she is going to be considering what something is. The thought of “what is that” is far more prominent than obeying commands, so the dog’s instruction will not be as effective as what it should be.

As for treats, the act of giving treats promotes a reaction in a dog which is purely selfish. A dog will obey you, for short term satisfaction which ends as soon as he or she has swallowed her treat. This works fine with “sit”, “heel” etc – though with problematic behaviour, offering a treat treads a very fine line between the dog perceiving this as a reward for said behaviour.  

No doubt, after reading this, you’re wondering what exactly works. The answer is care, attention, time and effort. A professional dog training school will have trainers which are educated and well versed in canine psychology, and they will also be able to look at a commonly overlooked part of the training process – you. By working with you, they will be able to establish your expectations as an owner, as well as allow your dog to perceive you as a capable leader – which will help your relationship to bloom and blossom.

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