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Dog Training With A One on One Approach



There’s quite a lot that goes along with dog training. Most people don’t realise that when it comes to changing the way that a problem dog precepts things, a whole lot more than “sit, stay, heel” is required and real change requires so much more than bribing your dog with treats for following simple commands. A hands on approach is most certainly required, as is one on one time with a dog. If anything, training a dog to overcome bad behaviour is a very complex affair, and simple commands really aren’t going to cut it.

Dogs are social creatures. A dog will never really attempt to annoy or frustrate an owner deliberately, but dogs are also pack animals. If a dog sees itself as a leader, then that is more than likely the cause of problematic behaviours as a dog attempts to assert his or her dominance over you as an owner. Essentially, poor behaviour is often the result of misunderstanding, too. Even if a dog indeed sees the owner as the leader of his or her little pack, misunderstandings on the dog’s side of what the owner expects can lead to behaviour which is quite frankly annoying.

Thankfully, there are dog training courses in the UK which give the one on one approach, and even make a holiday of it. They take you and your dog to their private location in the countryside, set you up in luxury accommodation, and then they work with you and your dog in order to provide bespoke training that addresses your dog’s needs – as well as to promote a happy relationship between you and your dog. Essentially, Kelford show your dog the truth – that you’re the leader – and then all work follows that.

It is said that with dogs, you have approximately a single year while the dog is the most receptive, the “child” phase of your puppy. Perhaps mistakes were previously made with how you have raised your dog in that year or later on. Perhaps you’re in despair that whatever you seem to do, nothing works.  There’s help at hand- Kelford can make even dog dogs learn new tricks, and they do it in a safe and nurturing way with absolutely no reliance on cruel shock or choke collars.

You’ll also benefit from Kelford’s own intensive dog training programme which is designed to allow you and your dog to understand each other before obedience training is introduced – which means you can truly understand what’s going on in your dog’s head (and your dog can understand the expectations you’re placing on them) before basic things such as obedience is even looked at.

One on one approaches like the ones that Kelford Dog Training Centre provide are crucial, and many amateur dog trainers completely forget this. So don’t do with second best.  Choose an expert, such as the talented staff at Kelford Dog Training.   

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