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How to Look After Your Dog in Summer

Summer is on the way, and we’re spending more time with our furry friends at the moment due to the lockdown - many dogs and cats are having the best time with their owners home full time. For those who usually use kennels Abergele during the working week, this is a wonderful opportunity to bond with their pets at home. 

However, it should be stressed how important it is to properly look after our four-legged friends. We need to take precautions and make preparations to keep them healthy and happy over this time. With the warm weather we’ve been experiencing lately, it should be noted that dogs are affected by heat just as much as we are! Here are some ways you can prevent your dog from suffering over the summer. 


If you’re planning on taking advantage of the nice weather the UK is currently having, you should try your best to provide your dog with a shaded area, your dog will be extremely grateful for a nice cool area to escape too when the sun gets too hot. 


Providing access to fresh and cool water is absolutely essential all through the year, but it is more necessary in the summer. You need to refill your dog's water bowl frequently - especially immediately after an activity. It might be an idea to add some ice cubes to the water bowl as another technique for keeping them cool. 


Daily exercise is still a vital part of a dog’s life, regardless of the weather going on outside. A lot of the nation’s dogs have been getting walked more often than normal during this lockdown. However, some measures can be taken to prevent your dog from suffering in the heat whilst exercising - try to walk them in the early morning or late evening to keep them out of the sun. Also, try to avoid black tarmac or walking over anything metal as this can be very hot and burn your dog's foot pads. 


Those of us who have long hair can sympathise and appreciate the benefits that come with being able to shove our hair up into a bun on a hot day! Your dog unfortunately doesn’t have this option - so be sure to groom them regularly to remove any loose hairs, you wouldn’t believe how much this can help. 


We cannot stress this enough - do NOT leave your dog in a car on a hot summer’s day. Not even for a few minutes while you run into the shop for a pint of milk. It can be surprising how quickly the interior of a car can heat up, and your dog doesn’t have the thumbs to wind down the windows or the keys to turn on the air conditioning. 

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